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She is the most precious person in human life. The most beautiful and caring person during the day and at sleepless nights. She carries us in her womb for nine months by bearing lots of pain and discomfort. She gives birth to us without complaining a bit. Her genuine love and care all through our lives is the best thing happening to all of us. She feeds us, she nurtures us, she smiles with us, she cries with us, she shares with us all she has. Mother, the Sunshine in our lives! Mother, the Heart and Soul in our lives! Mother, the God for us in our lives!

Unfortunately too many mothers with kids in poor countries around the world are struggling to bring even basic food to the table for their children. Too many mothers who need medical assistance for themselves or their kids are unable to get the help needed to stay healthy because of lack of the service or high cost. The Flying Angels for Mothers with Kids Foundation brings the help during the duration of the race. The help is delivered by Amelia Sky Race female pilots, mothers themselves. The noble cause of this humanitarian program is love delivered to struggling mothers and their children. Love and care delivered by women, for women!

Please share with us your love, care and compassion! Open your Heart! Give us your Hand to bring relief and a smile to mothers and their kids. Mothers - the best humans among us!

About Us

Flying Angels for Mothers with Kids Foundation proudly delivers food relief and medical assistance during the race and off the race time. Each aircraft taking part in the race is basically a flying medical diagnostic facility aiming to diagnose mothers and their kids for infectious deceases most common in South America and in other parts of the world.

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